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Third International Oil and Gas Majoring Students Forum «New Generation: Across The Universe»

Posted on 20.03.2019

The Third International Oil and Gas Majoring Students Forum «New Generation: Across The Universe» was organized in the Gubkin University from February 24 to March 1, 2019. 63 students from 36 universities and 28 countries took part in the event.

The distinguishing characteristic of this event is that the forum has been organized by almost all student organizations of the Gubkin University. The representative of the Gubkin University SPE Student Chapter, Alina Nasrullaeva, was the head organizer of the forum this year.

In addition to SPE this representative meeting of future industry experts has been supported by the World Petroleum Council (WPC), PJSC Lukoil and the Russian National WPC Committee were the main sponsors.

The rector of the Gubkin University V.G. Martynov, the vice-president of PJSC Transneft M.V. Margelov, the vice-president of Schlumberger marketing department A.G. Karapetov, the vice-president of the World Petroleum Council J. Desjardins, Chair of SPE International Young Member Engagement Committee V.V. Streletskaya have given a welcome speech to the participants. And also Head Department Deputy Head of UGS subdepartment of Gazprom Sergey A. Khan and Chairman of the Board of Public Joint-Stock Oil Company “Bashneft” A.N. Shishkin were kind enough to convey their welcome speeches through representatives.

The plenary session began with a discussion of the «New steps in the quality of education improvement» topic. The moderator of the plenary session was M. Morgunova — PhD student KTH Royal Institute of Technology, researcher of Joint Institute for High Temperatures of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Having given a talk, Gubkin university professor, advisor to Rector of the Gubkin University, A. B. Zolotukhin, reminded the audience that the current realities of scientific and technological progress make it obligatory for specialists to study throughout their career. It is these experts from the new generation of engineers who will determine the prospects of the oil and gas industry. J. Desjardins in her speech spoke about cutting-edge technologies and modern types of resource development. The speech of the Deputy Head of Division, PJSC Gazprom, Nikita Barsuk, have in detail elaborated on these main topics.

The plenary session of the 6th Future Leaders Forum of the World Petroleum Council began with a discussion of the «Shaping the Energy Industry: the Role of Our Generation». The moderator of the plenary session was L. Kurbonshoeva — Official Representative of Russia in the Young Professionals Committee of WPC. Young Professionals Committee spoke about the forum, its goals and objectives. They also talked about education and the role of the new generation. The speakers was J. Desjardins, S. Rousselet — Chairman of WPC Young Professionals Committee, S. Coşkun — Secretary-General of Society of Petroleum Geophysicists of Turkey, A. Rahneshin — Senior Analyst Foreign Purchasing in Commercial Affair, Borzouyeh Petrochemical Complex, Representative of Iran in WPC Young Professionals Committee, M. Morgunova.

Then the forum participants visited the departments and laboratories of Gubkin University, which reflected the entire cycle of oil and gas production.

One of the forum events was the OPEC case. This part of the program has been carried out by the Gubkin University team together with activists of the World Energy Policy club from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. During the meeting, students have offered their prepared solutions to world economic and energy issues to the judges V.A. Fedorova, assistant of the Department of Strategic Energy Management.

Then two technical workshops were held by representatives of the British Petroleum company. Chris Mauer, vice-president of the Security Department, he spoke on the “Technology of Human Activity” theme and Martin Rylance, vice-president of the downhole operations department, told the forum participants about the appliance of hydraulic fracturing techniques. HR-training was another bullet point of the work plan of the forum, where the founder of the OilEnergy company, D. Zatsepin, and well injection engineer of the same organization, M. Pustovalov, told about possible ways of developing professional skills and career growth in the modern fuel and energy industry.

After the workshops, the organizers held an intellectual game «PetroOlympicGames» with students. Its results have uncovered the most skilled future generation of industry specialists representatives.

The key working part of the forum was the Coordinating Council meeting, where the features of training future industry professionals as well as forms of international cooperation in the educational sphere were discussed. A possible platform for such cooperation may be the platform. Information on educational, scientific and organizational events of specialized educational institutions of the world will be published here. The capabilities of the platform allow you to select the desired program for training in graduate and postgraduate studies, as well as apply for internships in the most famous oil and gas companies. The participants of the discussion expressed a desire to involve not only students, but also university authorities.

After the completion of the planned forum work program, the participants were spent two days at the training center of the Gubkin University «Zaluchye» in the Tver region. There an extensive cultural program was prepared for the guests: holding a Russian fair, a celebration of Maslenitsa (pancake week), trainings in the “GubkinTalks” format, as well as a demonstration performance by an equestrian ensemble. The amazing winter forest, the entertainment offered to the guests made this event unforgettable and was likely to be a good addition to the forum.

We would like to say thank you to the university administration for the support in organizing this Forum. And also thank the sponsors PJSC Lukoil and the Russian National WPC Committee and the World Petroleum Council (WPC) for big support.