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Excursion to Salym Petroleum Development

Posted on 20.12.2018

On December 13, the excursion to Salym Petroleum development company was completed. The program of the event was very interesting and intense.

General Director Michael Collins spoke to the students about the company in general, its development prospects and goals.

Next was the chief geologist of LDS. Yaroslav Gorbachev spoke about the volume of production, the collection of data from wells and fields in general. He also stressed the importance of digitalization of data collection and subsequent storage processes in order to solve technical problems in the production.

After, Michael Schuster (project Manager TSA) served with the presentation of the technology of chemical flooding on the basis of injection into the reservoir of anionic surfactants (one of the most promising developments SPD).

Then Alla Mishina (Adviser for External Relations) and Ilya Novikov (Head of Exploration) conducted a tour of the office, describing in detail the work of each department.

It was a very interesting and very important tour for the students-participants!