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Global Communication 07.12.2018

Posted on 20.12.2018

On December 7th the year 2018, as part of the Global Communication project took place a video call, in which participated representatives of two SPE student sections: of Gubkin University (Russia) and University of Rome (Italy).

The main subject of the video call in 2018 was the possibility of consolidation of relations between sections all over the world.

During the conversation members of the Gubkin section got the chance to transfer the information on some of the main projects. Furthermore, the possibility of the cooperative field-trip was also discussed.

The Rome SPE section presented some of its projects, such as: Maker Fair. The European Edition, Offshore Mediterranean Conference, mcT Petrolchimico, seminars provided by Shell, educational trips to Factories, different kinds of of trainings, the Speak magazine. At the moment, students of the Rome chapter together with students of the Iran chapter of Amirkabir University of Technology are developing a new Faranaft conference, where lecturers will be invited, various competitions organised.

As for the Gubkin section, the members spoke about all of the International Relations Committee events, in particular, special attention was drawn to the «Petroleum Horizons» Congress and the «New generation: Across the universe».