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Posted on 28.09.2019

From the 11th until 15th of March in Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas took place our University’s traditional event SPE WEEK organized by the SPE student section. 
For five days all comers could learn about the section’s future projects, plans and goals. All students took part in trainings, games and lotteries. 

MONDAY, 11th of March — The day of open registry 

Throughout the whole day members of the student section explained the role of each committee of the section, organized themed quizzes and raffles. All those who wished could get to know about the organization in more detail and become a part of the huge SPE family. 

TUESDAY, 12th of March — The Open Day 

Heads of the committees informed students about the future projects and the overall section’s structure then the audience got the chance to ask the members of the student’s section along with the representatives of the Moscow section and the Regional SPE office some interesting questions. 

The speech was delivered by: 

Ablaev Anton Ravilievich, Head of the Moscow SPE section of Russia and The Caspian region 

Zolotihin Anatoli Borisovich, Adviser to the rectorate, professor of the Department of Oil Field Development and Exploration and The Honoured lecturer of SPE 

Streletskaya Vlada Vladimirovna, Vice-Chancellor in international work, Students’ program Coordinator of the Moscow SPE section. 


Due to the open format of the event, every guest had the chance to take part in the training. The amazing speakers who saw the word «team» from a different angle were: 
Eleanor Belova 
Maria Vlasova 
Alexei Vihrov 
The training helped the participants develop some new team work skills as well as prompted reflection on questions such as: 
What really is a team? 
What are some of its main principals? 
What do we need it for? 

THURSDAY, 14th of March -Meeting with the SPE EX-President 

Marat Tuhvatullin shared some of his thoughts and experiences upon determining one’s future, what to look out for; drew the audience’s attention to the possibility of changing one’s way of development. The meeting occurred in a highly warm atmosphere, during the presentation all questions were answered. 

Marat shared his experience upon choosing his University and consequently, his job. Everyone also got the chance to hear about the education in our very own Gubkin University, as well as in Nord University. Moreover, Marat told the audience about some important aspects of moving to another country. 

FRIDAY, 15th of March — The Economy Game «Petroleum Rush» 
Five teams took part in the competition, the purpose of which was profit maximization. All the contestants received only positive emotions and rewarding experiences. All the students were highly involved with the game and keen on discussing various problems. The atmosphere was full of energy and productivity. Without a doubt, the game was bustling with creativity. 

The pinnacle of the event was determining the winners who then received certificates to the intellectual bar to further proceed in discovering new horizons.