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Posted on 28.09.2019

On the occasion of this Spring Week of Good on the 14th of April students of Gubkin University visited The Ribnovskaya Boarding school in Ryazan oblast 

In honor of the past Cosmonautics Day  a space themed programme was developed by the Social Committee of the Student trade union activists along with activists of the SPE student section. Specifically, an actual space trip! 

Boys and girls visited six planets  and on each one of them performed different tasks: danced, demonstrated their sportsmanship , took part in chemical experiments , built a rocket and took part in quizzes. 
At the end of the event, a small concert took place and of course, all of the children received some tasty gifts for their great job. 

 We want to thank the community development foundation «Our Children» for opportunity to arrange a holiday and make children happy.