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SPE Mentoring

Posted on 01.04.2019

Project called SPE Mentoring was launched as a part of Gubkin University Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Student Chapter in February 2019.

This project aims at the transmission of skills and knowledge from more experienced mentor to less experienced mentee. Participation in this program gives an opportunity for students to reveal and develop their leadership abilities considering the individual needs and potential.

Program includes three main areas:

— Scientific activities

— Self-development and personal growth

— Career

Experienced activists of Gubkin University SPE Student Chapter were selected as mentors as they have enough competence and they are ready to invest their knowledge, skills and time in development of other people. In the first season of the project 7 mentors were chosen, 4 of which are Ex-Presidents of Gubkin University SPE Student Chapter at this moment.

In order to participate in program, it was necessary for students to submit an application which contained an information about personal achievements, tasks, aims and expectations from the project. Potential participants had meetings with the organizers on the second selection phase.

19 individuals were selected during the competitive selection progress. They were the ones most interested in Mentoring program and work as mentees.

Participants of the program create a timetable and discuss the format of the meetings with mentors during the first appointment. Frequency of the meetings can vary depending on personal circumstances and current situation.

It is expected that the interaction of mentor and mentee will only last for half a year. Afterwards the last meeting will be held to show the results of the project