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On 11 November 2019, the SPE Mentoring program was launched, the duration of which is one year.

Submission period started on 6 October. 65 applications for participation were accepted. Mentors selected 20 people. Six mentors were approved in various areas: career (Niyaz Garaev and Ivan Kurchatov), self-development (Aleksey Vikhrov and Eleonora Belova), business (Dmitry Donskikh), science (Viktoria Fedorova and Ivan Kerchatov). Each of them conducts individual or group classes with mentee. The frequency of meetings varies from one to two per month. Except for these classes, each mentor gives feedback via Skype or social networks during the whole program. The format of meetings is determined depending on the mentee’s goals for the program. Usually, it can be an informal meeting, soft-skills training or meeting “Questions & Answers”.

Three months after the launch of the program, a survey was conducted to analyze the intermediate results. According to the survey, many positive reviews were received. Some of them are listed below:

1. “During the period of working with a mentor, many things in my life have changed for the better. We structured my goals, worked out steps for their implementation. I became more effective, realized my value and strengths. Started to highlight the main thing from the secondary.”

2. “I feel in myself enough strength and ability to achieve the desired. The understanding of own goals and motives has improved. I became emotionally more stable. From now I feel inner support again.”

The SPE Mentoring program is a good chance to get knowledge and experience from elder people. In the future, applying the experience gained, it will be easier for students to achieve their goals and realize themselves in any field.