Gubkin SPE


Alina Nasrullaeva

Vice President

Elizabeth Butenko

Human Resources

Anastasia Pushina

Information Technology

Artem Ivanov

Knowledge Development

Anastasia Kritinina

Public Relations

Kristina Voronina


Anastasia Vikhritskaya


History of SPE dates back to 1957, to the moment when the Society was officially formed. Today SPE is a powerful association of the industry experts, representatives of companies, talented students from all over the world. We are really proud to be a part of the big mechanism, which inspires each member of our team to move forward and make the most daring ideas come true. It is impossible to overestimate the opportunities, that the Society gives us. They include access to actual information in petroleum industry, global platforms for ideas and knowledge exchange, and also networking and self-development on a wide scale. Although it is known, that the industry now undergoes tough period of time, this should just motivate us to work persistently, set new goals and realize them, following the global mission of SPE. I wish everyone to have no boundaries for development of science, community and for enhancing communication between representatives of different parts of the world. Improve, flourish and grow!