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Anastasia Vikhritskaya

Knowledge Development Committee

Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes.

Peter Drucker

Our Mission:

  • To help students increase and improve their knowledge in the oil and gas field
  • To increase the interest of students in science and research work
  • To build the platform for experience and knowledge exchange between students and industry professionals

Within the committee are carrying out the following projects:

SPE Knowledge Sharing

SPE Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge Sharing is a project designed for young professionals to share their knowledge and experience with students. This project helps students to understand and learn more about different aspects of oil and gas sector from lectures hold by representatives of oil and gas companies. Such events are very important not only for the members of the SPE Student Chapter, but also for all the students of Gubkin University.



International Education Program SPE – Energy4me is an event, that provides technical information in energetic, science and technologies, which can be understandable for schools students. The project also makes free access to oil & gas knowledge in different languages. Activists of Gubkin University SPE Student Chapter visit schools and hold master classes for pupils using visual materials and teaching them what oil is, how it is extracted , how do we drill a well etc.

Petroolympic Games

Petroolympic Games

An intellectual quiz “PetroOlympic Games” is focused on the theoretical knowledge in the oil and gas industry. It is a question and answer game between five teams. The questions are usually based on such disciplines as Geosciences, Chemical Engineering, Drilling, Mechanical Engineering, Reservoir Engineering, Offshore Petroleum Engineering, Oil and Gas Transportation and Storage. Points are summarized in accordance with the correctly answered questions. There are three rounds in the game. The members of each team usually get an extensive experience working in a team.

Language Club

Language Club

Gubkin University SPE Student Chapter holds 5 language clubs: English Club, German Club, French Club, Spanish Club and Russian Club for foreigners. These students help others to learn a new language and tell them about the culture and traditions of the country. During the classes students learn all the grammar and lexical features of the language as well as practice their speaking skills.



Head of KD-committee –  Anastasia Kritinina


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