Gubkin SPE


Alina Nasrullaeva

Vice President

Elizabeth Butenko

Human Resources

Anastasia Pushina

Information Technology

Artem Ivanov

Knowledge Development

Anastasia Kritinina

Public Relations

Kristina Voronina


Anastasia Vikhritskaya

Information Technology Committee

Information Technology committee is the team that is responsible for data transmission. The most important task of the committee is to make an attractive design for announcements and events, held by active students from Gubkin University SPE student chapter.

Our Mission:

    • Maintenance and updating information for websites
    • Work with the design of posters, leaflets, brochures and other material for social sites and printing
    • Design for advertising
  • Teaching interested students about graphical programs

Members of the IT-team created the design for many global events, like 21WPC, Oil and Gas Horizons, New Generation “Across the Universe”, Gubkin Russian State Oil and Gas University’s anniversary and so on!

School of design “Ivy’s Design”

Because of the growing number of projects in our section, good design of advertisements is very important. Therefore Ivana Begovic started the school of design. The main goal of this school is to teach design from scratch. Every Friday students learn to work in graphical programs like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.


Head of IT-committee – Artem Ivanov

E-mail: Phone: +79603926804