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International Relations Committee

The international relations committee provides an active integration of our chapter to the SPE world community.

The main goal of committee is collaboration with SPE Student Chapters of the whole world.

It goes without saying that currently there are about 400 SPE Student Chapters in the world but not all of them interact with each other. Having thought about it, we decided to start development of the new direction of activity which is aimed at the establishment of business relations with SPE Student Chapters of the world. The interaction will be built through organizing the joint web-conference to be attended by chapters from different countries and continents.

Our Mission:

  • To get knowledge, develop their skills and share experience
  • To collect, disseminate and exchange technical knowledge concerning the upstream, midstream and downstream
  • To break stereotypes, do the impossible, follow our dream and discover new horizons

Within the committee are carrying out the following projects:

SPE Global Communication


SPE Global Communication is a unique project, that helps to unite SPE student chapters from all over the world using video conferences. Different problems of petroleum industry and questions of chapter’s development are being discussed during the conferences.

Field Trip


Field Trip is educational tour abroad organized by Gubkin University SPE Student Chapter to visit oil and gas companies as well as get acquainted with the culture and traditions of different countries. It is an integral part of the activities of each SPE Student Chapter of the world. Almost every year our team organizes a field trip. Many students have never worked in the field before, so these trips give them excellent introduction to the sector.

OPEC Model


OPEC is a permanent intergovernmental organization of oil-exporting developing nations that coordinates and unifies the petroleum policies of its Member Countries. No one will deny that OPEC is very important organization. It provides an efficient, economic and regular supply of petroleum to consuming states.

OPEC Model is a project organized by joint efforts of MGIMO students and our chapter activists. The main purpose is to create a solid basis for students, representatives of government organizations and representatives of OPEC to share their knowledge and experience.

Summer Educational Schools


The main aim of summer educational schools is development of relationships with oil and gas partner universities. Summer educational schools are great place for experience exchange, discussion and creation joint projects in energy field and assistance in academic exchange of students and teachers.




Head of IR-committee – Kristina Zhdanova


Phone: 89772520537