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  • Human Resources Committee
Human Resources committee is the place for communication and self-realization. HR is the main key in the Chapter because it organizes the team and works with it.

Our Mission:

      • Forming an effective and interested team
      • Providing a warm atmosphere inside the chapter
        • Self-development of each member
      • Motivation

Within the committee the following projects are being carryed out :

SPE Mentoring

SPE Mentoring is a unique opportunity for students to improve their leadership skills taking into account individual needs and potential. This project is an informal mentoring aimed at the professional knowledge and personal skills delivering from a more experienced person, mentor, to a less experienced one. The key principles of the project are motivation, respect, learning open-mindedness and voluntary participation. The project was created at the end of 2018, passed the development stage and was successfully launched in February 2019. Head of the project: Nikita Ignatyev (

Gubkin trainings

The Gubkin Trainings project was created to improve students’ personal qualities necessary for successful development in the social, spiritual and professional spheres of life. Oil and gas industry representatives, corporate security experts as well as specialists in the disclosure of personal and professional potential are invited to hold various lectures, master classes and trainings.

Gubkin Talks

This project is a similar to TED Talks event which empowers students and teachers of the university to discuss worrying topics. Thanks to this event, students have an opportunity to tell about their activities, achievements and interests, share stories of their lives and listen to those who had found the courage to participate as a speaker. The Gubkin Talks conference has been held since April 2016 with a frequency of half a year. The administration, students and staff of our university note the great importance of having such a platform for speeches, the relevance of the topics discussed and the high level of the organization. Head of the project: Alexandra Vladimirova (

Economic Game «Oil Rush»

«Oil rush» is an economic model, which describes the behavior of petroleum companies in conditions of imperfect competition. The main aim of the game is the maximization of capital and price of company’s shares. The teams аre suggested to assimilate hydrocarbon field’s maps, to trade produced oil and to change the assets with competitors. The company, which has chosen the most optimal strategy, with some luck, achieves success and becomes the winner. This project was developed by the Gubkin University SPE Student Chapter and also the representatives of School of Economics, as an innovative form of joint cooperation for popularisation of knowledge about the petroleum industry. Head of the project: Anton Runenkov (

Economic Game «Shape of Oil»

The Downstream economic model «Shape of Oil» is an intellectual game concerning basic refining processes. With regard to the complex structure of plant flow diagrams, the project provides students an opportunity to form a clear conception of the way how real refineries operate. Of primary concern is the emphasis on the indivisible interconnection between technology, profitability, and ecology. Thus, students will compete for the most efficient manufacturing of oil products. Although the assignment is challenging, participants can easily sort out with the issue at the very start and then enjoy the Game! Head of the project: Anton Runenkov (

SPE Charity

The global purpose of the Gubkin University SPE student chapter is to improve the world we live in. One of the ways to reach this aim is to take part in the child-care organisations. In 2015 we decided to support children in the social-rehabilitation centre in Tulskaya area. The main idea of the project is to motivate these children to study hard. So one day they will be able to successfully enter any University they would like and start building their own future. This is to be just a small step, but we intend to make these steps greater and more global. Head of the project: Alina Panova (

SPE Enjoy

To provide a warm atmosphere inside the chapter we organise different events such as celebration of the birthday of our student chapter, celebration of New Year and other holidays. We also visit exhibitions, theatres and museums. It is very important for us to spend free time together because good relations play a key role in the success of everything the students do for the development of our chapter.

SPE Week

SPE Week is a traditional event that is held in order to attract new activists in our team and provide information on activities of the organisation. It consists of SPE Open Day and SPE Open Registration Day followed by different events: lectures with specialists, trainings, competitions and other trial and amusing activities. By means of this project students of Gubkin University are able to know about the opportunity of participation in SPE Student Chapter, realise its structure and launched projects.