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The traditional event «SPE Week» has come to the end!

Posted on 23.09.2019

The week of Gubkin University SPE Student Chapter was held at Gubkin University from 16 to 22 September. During 7 days students were studying life of the Chapter, acquainting with the main projects, participating in lectures, games and lotteries.

MONDAY, September 16 – Open Registration Day.
Throughout the day, members of the SPE Student Chapter explained with great pleasure the role of their departments, shared further plans and ideas, held quizzes and lotteries related to their activities. On this day, everyone could learn more about the activities of the Chapter and could become part of a large and friendly family SPE.

TUESDAY, September 17 – Open Doors Day.
The open day was visited by a large number of Gubkin students who have learned about the current projects and the structure of the Chapter. Alina Nasrullaeva, President of the Gubkin University SPE Student Chapter, delivered a commencement speech. Elizaveta Butenko, Vice-President of the Chapter, told about the events held by the section, including the annual international congress «Oil&Gas Horizons». The eleventh congress will be held from 18 to 21 November at the Gubkin University. After that, the heads of the departments delivered a presentation of the current projects.

WEDNESDAY, September 18 – Intellectual game «PetroOlympic Games».
The traditional English-language intellectual game «PetroOlympic Games» was held for the first time in the academic year. Students were divided into teams and answered questions related to the petroleum industry. The best players passed the first stage of selection to the University team on the international intellectual game Petrobowl.

All participants received a lot of positive emotions from the event. The winning team obtained an opportunity to visit Schlumberger Moscow Research Center and got gifts from our sponsor — coffee house «Nravitsa».
You are welcome to the next «PetroOlympic Games»! We are glad to see everyone!

FRIDAY, September 20 – Meeting of the active members of the Gubkin University SPE Student Chapter.
The first meeting in this academic year was attended by both long-standing activists of the Chapter and newcomers. They discussed the current issues of the Chapter and presented a new project «Arctic of the youth», which will address actual problems and innovations in the Arctic. Newcomers could able to get acquainted with the core group of activists and the heads of departments and to choose the projects according to their interests.

SATURDAY, September 21 – Excursion to the petroleum company.
On September 21, there was an excursion to the pavilion «Oil», that was reconstructed by PJSC «LUKOIL». The museum is dedicated to the petroleum industry. Most of the exposition is devoted to the history of the oil field. Also the pavilion includes many interactive exhibits that reveal the technology of hydrocarbon extraction and the difficulties of the operations.
The excursion was attended by a large number of first-year activists who received new experience about the industry and a lot of pleasant emotions from visiting the museum.

We were glad to see everyone at our SPE week! We tried to make every day as interesting and useful as we could. We look forward to seeing you again at the meetings and events of our SPE Student Chapter!